Mary’s Story | Maryville IL

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“I’ve had people say, ‘You can’t talk about that, you might offend someone!'”

As a retired nurse, Mary has found a new life purpose serving women at A Beacon of Light Pregnancy Center in Maryville, IL. Her life experience gives her a depth of perspective that suits her position well.

As a younger woman, her daughter was stillborn. Soon after, she was looking for a job as a nurse, and was assigned to the newborn nursery. This experience instilled in her a deep love for babies, and for life.

This video is sponsored in part by Help Ministries, Inc. and Churches For Life, in coordination with Vision 2020. awareness videos are free to view, download, and share with your church, organization, Bible study group, or any other place you believe would benefit from hearing stories for life, in Illinois.

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